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             I LOVE DAYLILIES!




In my garden I grow nearly 300 Daylily, or Hemerocallis, which is their latin name.

My garden is very small, since we have moved to a new plot, which is in a remote and rural location. My intention is to make raised tiered beds on the small slope we have, which is south facing. 

My garden is in North Scotland, colder than the rest of the UK.

When I moved here, the garden contained a few plants, some fir trees and mainly lawn. We have had the fir trees felled, and have gained more light and space (we have a mountain side full of fir trees!)

We open the garden June, July & August with Scotland's Gardens,which is the Scottish equivalent to the National Gardens Scheme or NGS. (Yellow Book) I sell plants, from the garden, to visitors, who are offered an appointment only basis of viewing the garden, when I can give them a guided tour if they wish, answer their questions and offer homemade teas.

 Sometimes we will open for a weekend to allow visitors to wander around themselves. We also cater for group bookings, and the garden is available for a small fee to Artists and Photographers. Propagation courses are offered in a hands-on environment. Please use the Contact Us page if you would like further information.


The daylily bed as it  looks now...... August 2015



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